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When I started this blog, it was for artists like Systemic. Artists that I have been introduced to via friends, or random investigating on soundcloud, etc. Systemic was one of those artists that immediately caught my attention. It was THIS MIX that introduced me to him. This is the type of relentless, ‘metallic’ techno that I thoroughly enjoy. Influences of old industrial music are very apparent in this sound. Rick was nice enough to agree to do a mix for my blog, so I can’t thank him enough for that.

Rick’s early perceptions of electronic music were programmed by exposure to a diverse range of artists and as a regular at Morley’s legendary club The Orbit, he would spend every possible weekend absorbing the frequencies of the world’s most creative and forward thinking producers. Inspired by these experiences Rick developed his own style as a DJ and has since played at events around the UK and beyond. He currently holds a residency at one of England’s premier events Detatched in Leeds, aswell as Tech:Drive in London.

Rick felt driven to learn the art and science involved in creating electronic music in order to experiment with sounds of his own. After gaining a degree in Music Technology & Audio Systems he began the construction of his studio incorporating both hardware and software, digital and analogue. This hybrid approach is also reflected in his tracks, fusing elements of techno and electro/electronica with a focus on precision programming and detailed synthesis.

Rick’s tracks have already been charted and supported by many of the artists that originally inspired him; Dave Clarke, Surgeon, The Advent, UR, Paul Mac and Inigo Kennedy to name a few. He has released music on various respected labels including Michaelangelo’s Labrynth, Paul Blackford’s Militant Science, Jactation and Utch with his tracks having been remixed by the likes of Phase, Paul Mac, Paul Damage and Sir Real. His music has also featured regularly on a variety of radio shows, most notably Dave Clarke’s Whitenoise radio. 2010 saw the launch of Rick’s label Duality, a platform for his own output alongside talented and cutting edge artists from around the world.”

— taken from his Detatched Bookings profile, which has a list of his discography.

Also, make sure to check out his soundcloud.

Enjoy, and good luck. You’re going to need it.