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“DJ Thibault is what happens when south Austin indie wanders into the throbbing neon forest of electro funk. He is thrift store denim beats pounding through a four hundred foot mountain of platinum Marshall stacks. His sets are distorted strobe light soul melted on lightning pancakes with a side of pearl snap laser beams, and he’d like to serve you a very large helping tonight…”

A DJ that knows no boundaries. DJ Thibault has been terrorizing Austin, TX for quite sometime, but 2010 was his year. Part human, part lion, DJ Thibault put his foot down firmly this year at the annual Camp Bisco Festival with his ‘silent disco set.’ The set can be streamed via his soundcloud here. He then proceeded to please a large Chicago audience with his melting pot of dance floor main course bangers at North Coast Music Fest. His sets scream sweat and sex, and this mix is no different. A very live feel to this, as heard in his silent disco set from Camp Bisco. Don’t Trust Humans is incredibly excited to have DJ Thibault on board as part of the young, and evolving mix series that hopes to extend, and pride itself on variety.

DJ Thibault makes his return to the windy city for the second year in a row with Chicago’s own Future Rock at the Kinetic Playground for new years eve. You can check the facebook event page here. He is also one half of the indie-electro act, Auto Body.

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