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The latest in my series, ‘Only For Robots,’ comes from Taiwan’s Petstov. I was lucky enough to recieve an email from him last week, asking to submit a mix, and I quickly welcomed him. The tracklist speaks for itself, but I can tell you that this mix is a journey into the warm depths of techno, and the consistency of that feeling throughout is what I thoroughly enjoy about it. Please take a minute to check out the links provided on the artists, and do enjoy the sounds.

Taken from Petstov.com –

Petstov is a designer, writer, and a former stockbroker born in Valdivia, Chile, where in early 90’s he started taking music beyond normal knowledge, but was not until 2001 that he start to take it seriously. he had already done some cdr a couple of years ago with tracks containing electronica and ambient, and was quite unsatisfied with the results. he switched from trackers to sequencers, and he started practicing the use of sofwares such as Native Instruments related.In early 2003 he started doing demo tracks under the Petstov name. the tracks started sounding better to him. he smiled. it was a start. in december 2003 he had compiled a demo array of tracks ranging from 3/3 techno to electronica to ambient, and received good response from the listeners, which inspired him to concentrate on music even more.Electronica is too restrictive a label to place on Petstov′s output, so prolific is it and (largely unheard outside of his close friends) not settling long into one style of sound, his range of musicality and genre-hopping leaves him offering a diversity of sound that should see him placed as an important and influential artist..

Petstov is the last and present project of Franco*. Petstov is a mixture of dub music for slow dancefloors, and the sound from the nature. The first album of Petstov project is “The White Series EP “. Apparently this album started a new age for Franco’s music, as this new project is based 100% in the digital softwares, such as Native Instrumsnts Reaktor. This new sounds are more cold and clean, and 100% Dub-Techno. At the moment Petstov continues working as a DJ and producer, and now heading east, to the current place – Taiwan, Asia.


Tracklist –

Bvdub - We Move As One
Porter Ricks - Nautical Dub
Fluxion - Nflection
Toki Fuko - Conducting
Unknow Artist - Tofu (unreleased)
Kassem Mosse - Zolarem
MD2 - MD2.4
Unknow Artist - Seven Days Left
Unknow Artist - untitled
Philogresz - Waiting For The Storm
Traversable Wormhole - Exotic Matter
Mike Dehnert - Moment (KORG Radias Re-Shape)
Ben Klock - Voyage One
Function - Inmolare
Decimal - Ghost