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Greetings, robots. We’re back with the 7th installment in the Only for Robots guest mix series. This time from a familiar face, Stuntman, out of Buffalo, NY. He’s responsible for providing us with our very first mix a year ago this October. If you remember that, you know what you’re in for. This is a somewhat deeper variety of cuts of primarily up and coming producers. I’ve decided to ask the man a few questions about his taste, setup, Buffalo, and who to look out for.

What was the first dubstep track that got you into the genre?

Well, it was mostly the Benga Essential Mix in 2008. but i’ll say 26 Basslines was the tune that got me into it. I saw Benga at a Trouble n Bass party at Club Love in NYC in 08 and that track blew my fucking mind as did the whole set. It was a gradual addiction to the rhythm more than anything. Also Digital Mystikz – Haunted/Anti-War Dub and Rusko – William H. Tonkers believe it or not lol.

What is Buffalo doing that is unique to that city (in regards to the EDM scene)? 

Ya know I can’t say because I don’t get a lot of opportunities to check out other cities but I’d say its pretty diverse!

Shed a little light on Frosty Tone Entertainment.

Frosty Tone is owned by Big Basha. I forget when it really started, but when I moved back to Buffalo from NYC Basha was JUST beginning to play all dubstep sets; he used to play jungle for years. So that was the beginning of Frosty Tone as far as I remember, although the seeds may have been planted before that. So for a long time it was just me and Basha playing dubstep in Buffalo, no one else. Then it sorta blew up but i think a lot of people remember when it was just us. Once we started bringing in bigger and bigger dubstep headliners things got better and better and its only up from here! We have a new weekly on Thursdays devoted to live projects now too so were sort of branching out in that regard.

Who is an up and coming producer you are most excited for?

A lot of the smaller guys I support aren’t really looking to blow up at all, but O-Dessa has been my favorite producer for a long time. I’m always excited for whats next with him. Dubliminal Records UK is a record label i have been repping for a long time so im really excited about all those artists. Kiev is a big one. I am absolutely positive that dude is a about to blow up and you can mark my words on that! Bones Jones/Bone Loc from Rochester is another one who should really be getting a lot more love. I’ll be bringing a bunch of dubs from all of them to Chicago! Cessman is also a favorite of mine. He’s been on the UP AND UP with his tunes. Also keep an eye out for Prism from Boston, Aftee from Ohio, and Pistonsbeneath from London. Also can’t forget about Eshone from San Diego/New Mexico and Misk from San Diego. They are launching their Elk Beats label here soon. Lets see, Vermin from the UK is about to BLOW the fuck up and you can’t forget about Valor from Baltimore doing HUGE things. Also look out for Caski (UK), and Mark Kloud (Buffalo).

HUGE thanks to Stuntman for providing us with another heavy hitting selection of deep dubs. His first mix for us was seriously one of my favorite mixes last year. This is sure to please as well. Enjoy, and please check out the links I provided for more information on Stuntman, and what he’s up to.

Frosty Tone Entertainment
Stuntman on Soundcloud
Pinch - 2012 (Tectonic) 
Truth - Dreams Never Come True (Deep Medi) 
DJ Rum - Undercoat (2nd Drop) 
Spherix - Rule of Threes (3.5 Records) 
Kiev - Extinction (dub) 
RDG - Minacious (Dubliminal) 
Prism - A New Life for Lily (dub) 
Curzed - History X (forthcoming Dank N' Dirty Dubz) 
Eshone - Puppy Mountain (dub) 
Potentz - Deep Roots (forthcoming Dubliminal) 
O-Dessa- Hell Gate LDN (dub) 
Kromestar - Grey Thought (Dubstep for Deep Heads) 
Curzed - Snake Smasher (dub) 
Luke Envoy - M_U_G_E_N (Jakes remix) (Stunt Unauthorized Bootleg VIP) (dub)