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     It’s been an absolutely great year for music, IMO. I kept my list to 25, and in no particular order. I’m sure if I gave this more thought, some may fall out, and others may fall in. But, whatever. These are all absolutely outstanding releases in my eyes. I tried to keep my list full of all LPs, but I believe a 12″, and some EPs made the cut. Anyways, you can click on the artist, and that will take you to a youtube video featuring a track from the album I showcased. Can’t wait to see what 2012 has to bring. Already some great things set to release the next couple months.

Lastly, I’ve got some great new talent lined up for the Only For Robots guest mix series for 2011. All new faces, and I’m sure we’ll see some familiar ones throughout the year. My new years resolution with this blog is to dedicate more time to updating it with what I’m listening to, what others are listening to, Chicago updates, and whatever else I feel is mindless jargon that I should spew out at you.

Have a happy new year, and see ya in 2010.

-the r@t-