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First off, happy new years, immortal ones. I’m happy to bring you the next Only for Robots mix courtesy of a new friend, Alan Backdrop from Italy. Alan (Alessio) was born in 1984 in Piove di Sacco, Italy. He has been fascinated with music ever since he was a child. As time passed, his interest in the german techno-electro sounds of the 90s began to surface, and he started collecting cassettes and vinyl ‘obsessively.’ At this time, he felt a strong attachment to djing, and started to develop his own skills within this art form. One major influence on his style is his love for surreal atmospheres, which seems rather obvious throughout this mix, and others I’ve heard from Alan. In October 2006, together with his friends Enrico (Status Und) and Stefano (Oldste), he gave birth to ‘Thursdaysdeep,’ their own crew. They are a small group of people who meet every Thursday at a central location, and express themselves through music, and social activity. Since then, friends Enrico (Radio Live Transmission) and Manuel (Feelfloor), have joined Thursdays Deep, and become two more minds in the meeting.

Alan has been incredibly kind, and open to providing Don’t Trust Humans with what he has to offer this world musicaly. He is also beyond generous via his official.fm account. I highly recommend checking out more of his sounds there. So, without further ado, I give you Alan Backdrop’s Only For Robots mix…


Alan Backdrop on Soundcloud