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I’m from the northwest suburbs of Chicago. I grew up seeing music in this city. I developed a love for electronic music in this city. Chris Widman is one of my favorite local artists. I can honestly say that he is one of the most versatile DJs I’ve ever seen. It’s a pleasure to have him on board here at Don’t Trust Humans. This mix is 100% vinyl, and carefully picked. He explains why.

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Chris Widman is a Chicago DJ that defies easy classification. As a Smartbar resident and host of the weekly radio program Abstract Science (since 1997 and a DJ since 1995), he is at the forefront of breaking new styles, crossing genres and re-introducing forgotten music. When DJing for the dancefloor, Widman is known for his adventurous mixing of dubstep, techno and everything else, to create his own form of crowd-pleasing sonic warfare. 

Chris has been awfully generous, and has offered an extensive mix commentary to go along with this. You can view all his notes below. It’s a great read, trust me. Lastly, Chris will be playing Bassweight Thurday, June 7th, at Smart Bar with Joe Nice, Whoa-B, and others. And, as usual, tracklist provided via the official.fm link.


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