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Incredibly pleased to have Switzerland’s Isolated Lines on board as part of the Only For Robots mix series. It’s humbling when artists reach out, and choose to share their creations with Don’t Trust Humans. Simon got a hold of me very recently, and shortly after, I was sent a stellar mix with a monstrous tracklist. As usual, it’s available via the official.fm link. Sit back, and soak in.

At a fundamental level Isolated Lines are good friends who find inspiration through their individual influences. Gwen and Simon began earning accolades and also critics for a breadth sound with the release of their debut EP Pannonia Superior but they keep venturing into new challenges. On their way, Isolated Lines pursues a fusion of quantum drum parts and traditions containing highly textured musicscapes. Throughout the tracks there is a glimpse of a creative experimentalism and darker hues.


isolated lines dot com