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Only For Robots 019 is a locomotive techno journey thanks to Chicago’s, Komprezzor. I had the honor of first seeing him do a live set at a party a few months back with Luis Flores. After that night, I knew we had to lock him down for a mix. This was done on 4 decks, and includes some unreleased material. No track list on this one.


Real name / Currently Unknown ?? Location: Chicago Form of musical expression: Mother Funking Techno Live Pa Set up: Laptop running Ableton live triggering midi clips to over 25 drum racks and bounced audio clips, Bitstream 3x, iPad running Lemur and 1 NI Maschine Dj set up: Traktor 2.5 running 4 Decks, Livid Ohm 64 , 2 Xone 1D’s and 1 Maschine. Short statement: Yes he can Beatmatch but he prefers to get busy interacting with the sounds and structures of each track. Komprezzor is not simply another gimmick or project trying to reach for the sky, fame or mainstream, in the contrary he prefers to stay hidden in the darkest corner of that old abandoned factory were you once wondered if you even had the guts to step in. The sounds and elements of his live sets are dark and dirty as if they had been extracted from a piece of literature by Edgar Alan Poe. Full of white noises and atmospheric riffs the percussive elements are extracted from classic drum machines; such the legendary 808, 909, and 303 that slowly morph in to a hypnotic rhythm. Along with his live sets the Dj sets are also full of some of the dirtiest and darkest heart pounding Techno, no top 40 will ever make an appearance on his track list , interacting with up to 4 decks running at the same time and one machine it will make you wonder if a third arm was present at the time of total dance floor destruction…

Currently spending and immense amount of time in the studio creating sounds and sequences he is gearing up for the launch of his own imprint called secreTechno that will have collaboration of some of the most respected Techno artist in the world and perhaps the universe; lets not forget about the new Chilean Project Called Sienna Obscure which he was invited as part of an elite and handpicked group of new school of techno producers that will drop his first vinyl during the summer of 2012 .

Komprezzor FB page
Komprezzor Soundcloud