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Richárd Szabó / Hungary

He was born in Vác, Hungary, 1982. Founded a band when he was 13 whose style extended from downtempo to techno. He then got in touch with different kinds of music influences at the very beginning. Alone, he continued his huge enthusiasm for music in different projects on his own, and in2005 took his typical dark atmospheric sounding world with. Sometimes, he uses hypnotic dark sounds harmonizing softly with the deep bass. Philosophically monoton, sad tunes can be found in his tracks, making them abstract and unique. The fundamental quality of Szabó’s music is depth, ranging in mixes from ambient to techno.

Stream/download via donttrusthumans.com

Track list. :

1. Cio Dor – Ur
2. Bryan Zentz & Let’s Go Outside – Hethradia (Samuli Kemppi Remix)
3.Abdulla Rashim – Weldiya 1
4. Richard Szabo – Foreign body ( v2)
5. Alessio Mereu – Second Pole (Claudio PRC remix)
6. Iori – Draw
7. Ness & Rasmus Hedlund – Verso Pohjois ( Deepbass remix)
8. Claudio PRC & Svart1 – Black moon part 2
9. Giorgio Gigli & Obtane – Theory of Radical Structures
10. Daniela Stickroth – The Slot ( Giorgio Gigli remix)
11. Emmanuel Top – Cyclic