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Don’t Trust Humans was born in Chicago. The incredible talent and heritage of this city is humbling and inspiring, and we are proud to serve as an interface between the local and global. As this project continues to grow, so do our roots.

This is the first installment in a series of mixes celebrating those roots. We’ve asked some of our favorite local heroes to contribute to the series, and couldn’t be happier to share their mixes.

Qbot has been a remarkable techno crusader in Chicagoland, and an extraordinary friend and ally to DTH.

Dig in.


Built in a lab on JupiterRobot DJ Qbot v.26.2 was sent here to help spread robotic music to all of Earth. She broadcasts beats along with her favorite DJs from theWLUW studios to the whole planet every Monday night on Destination Unknown. She can also be found monthly at Moment Sound‘s Heartbeats multimedia events, as part of the Pandemic crew, and a lot of other places. When outside the booth, she’s likely to be found dancing at the left front speaker. 


Dan Oberbauer : Metal Atmosphere
Federico Sahne: Epistemology [Peder Scientific Rebuild]| Reaktivate
Cassegrain: Luban | Prologue
Guidewire: Ressurection [Brian Knarfield remix] | Android Musiq
Mark Morris: The History of a Robot [Go Hiyama remix] | Ketra
Monoloc: Try | CLR
Cabarete Groove: Tourette’s Syndrome [Cabarete’s 2.4 rework] | Silent Steps
Pinion: Mirv7 | Perc Trax
Andres Gil: Pizzicato | Slap Jaxx
Roman Lindau: Borne | Ann Aimee
Mays + Eigenes Rezept: Pena | Blind Spot
Joseph McGeechan: Failed by the Conformists | Prosthetic Pressings
Forward Strategy Group: Labour Division | Perc Trax
Tommy Four Seven: Armed 3 | CLR
Daegon: m45 [Rene Walther remix] | Android Muziq
Gedevann: People Attractor | Lead Square
Orphx: Appartition | Sonic Groove
Go Hiyama: Farnsworth House | Token
Unbalance: Unbalance 3.1 | Unbalance
Romanolito: Asstone [Lance Blaise’s reinterpretation] | Android Muziq
Patrick Krieger: Symbolism [Sawf remix] | Gynoid Audio
Par Grindvik; Sinister [S100 remix] | Sinister
Bas Mooy: Warsaw [Walker FSG remix] | Audio Assault
Dead Sound: Unknown | Labyrinth
Unab Zetineb: Takisso Remu | Labyrinth
Surgeon: The Power of Doubt | Dynamic Tension
Chris Page: Derailleur [Rebekah remix] | Affin
Gabeen: Sculptio | Plastiq
Polyfuse: Laconic | polyfuse.bandcamp.com