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As you may already know, we are currently featuring a string of Chicago artists that  we feel are important sounds in this city. So, for our 28th edition of our Only For Robots Mix series, we welcome Merrick Brown.


At age 35, Merrick Brown has been living and breathing techno for half his life. His record label, Tektite, was around for 12 vinyl only releases, the last of which came out in 2001. Artists like Villalobos, Convextion, Fred Giannelli, and Stewart Walker earned the label a cult following in Germany and Japan. 

Merrick’s priorities shifted with fatherhood, and a move to Chicago 5 years ago. He has come full circle with a new vision and new inspiration. His time in Chicago has been a slow organic rise, which taught him patience in the studio, as a dj, and as a father. His first love is now family, but his love for music is obvious if you’ve ever spoken to him, or heard one of his sets. Plans towards relaunching his label are inching forward. Until then, he is providing us with some music to get us through the apocalypse.

You can catch Merrick Brown at the next Refract party at Primary (Chicago), which will feature DetroitRockScience and Ike Release on 12/21.

Resident Advisor



Intro: Flying Saucer Sequence/Plaid - 3 Recurring
1. STL - Inverted Reality
2. Redshape - Paper
3. Gerry Read - Bozza
4. Zomby - Riding with Death
5. Bon & Rau - Morning Funk
6. Bass Clef - Walworth Road Acid Trapdoor
7. A1 Bassline - Copper
8. OCH - Whalesong
9. Jordan Fields - Box Beater
10. Steve Summers - In the Mood for Love
11. Gherkin Jerks - Acid Indigestion
12. Wyndell Long - Headgames
13. Reeko - Untitled
14. Surgeon - As You Breathe Here Now
15. Sigha - Politics of Dying (James Ruskin Remix)
16. Kelpe - Bags Of Time (Neon Jung Wormhole remix)
17. Woo York - Void (Truncate remix)
18. Innerspace Halflife ?– Wind 
19. Analogue Man - Rake
20. Alex Cortex - Mem
21. Max Ernst - Trixi