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This special two-part OFR mix comes to you by way of a lawn chair.

I first met Slowerson at DEMF in 2008, a week before moving to Chicago. I was solo, and so had brought a lounger to park myself by the river for much of that beautiful afternoon. At some point, rhythm took me for a dance, and when I later looked back over, Slowerson was putting his name to good use in the lounger. Obviously smart people. Rather generous too, as it turned out. He and his crew were most welcoming, and we partied together the rest of the weekend. The rest, as they say, belongs to the future.

This is the first time we’ve featured a two-part mix, and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate our 30th episode. The first section is mixed by Slowerson, and the second by DJ Lgcc, pivoting on Area’s Locked Groove (Kimochi). Been really looking forward to sharing this edition. Look out for several original Dreamlogicc productions in the second half. Brilliant shit.

These guys are both veterans of Chicago’s celebrated underground bastion/crew, Podval (along with Gera, M50, and Lokua). Slowerson runs the Chicago hub of RTS.FM, and works the good work at Gramaphone Records. He previously held a residency for Moment Sound, as well as ran a weekly radio spot on WNUR.


DJ Lgcc also hosted on WNUR, though he has since relocated to Oakland, where he runs the multimedia label, Main Drain Studios. DJ Lgcc spins mostly vinyl, often touching on techno, drum and bass, and abstract music in his eclectic sets. Producing and performing live as Dreamlogicc he is equally varied. This year Dreamlogicc had his first and second vinyl releases, with “The Podval EP” on Kimochi Sound and “Co-Conspirator EP” on CPKAY RCRDS. (The former turned up in the #3 spot for Tundra Dubs label head, Ben Versluis – http://ghettoblastermagazine.com/2012/top-ten-of-twenty-twelve-ben-versluis-tundra-dubs/)

In short, you’re in for a serious treat.

Massive thank you to Slowerson and DJ Lgcc!



lubin : contact attempt #3 : kimochi
motor : 1 : audio.nl
donate dozzy & say dj : tutto negativo : mental groove ltd
deadbeat : tesla : revolver
thomas brinkmann : untitled : max ernst 03
studio 1 : hellblau 3 : studio 1
midnight caller : third kind : elektro music department
schaeben & voss – untitled – kompakt 32
stevio : ty (deep mix) : mindtours
sleeparchive : research : sleeparchive
roman flugel : mutter : klang elektronik
j.hunsberger : kneecapped : revolver
berg offset : gretchen und das oszillophon : musik krause
dustin zahn : i feel : enemy
aubrey : vortex two : lifeworld
anton kubikov & maxim milutenko : structure : traum
m.schaffhauser – smith, wesson & me
area – locked groove #2 – kimochi

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Area – Locked Groove #2 (Kimochi)
Andy Stott – Expecting (Modern Love)
Steven Porter – Untitled III (Weevil Neighborhood)
Dreamlogicc – Questions (Tonatom)
Kryptic Minds – Breach (Osiris)
Moritz Von Oswald Trio – Patterns I (Honest Jons)
Dreamlogicc – Teachin’ Bout the Bass & the Bees
T++ – Anyi (Honest Jons)
Dhyan Moller – Frequency Interference (Drone-Muzic)
Dreamlogicc – Slums, P.S.
Echologist – Buzz Factory (Tempest Dub) (Echocord Colour)
Appleblim & Peverelist – Over Here (Skull Disco)
Doc Scott – Honey (Metalheadz)
Dreamlogicc – Owl-ular
Badawi – DstryPrfts (Shackleton remix ft. Vengeance Tenfold) (The Index)
Lando Kal – Time Out (Hotflush)
Indigo – Primal (On the Edge)
Pearson Sound – Underdog (Hessle Audio)
Logos – Atlanta ‘96 (Keysound)
Becoming Real – Jen’s Clock (Ramp)
Dreamlogicc – Arp ‘o Clock
Robert Hood – Assembly (Music Man)
Nether – Deep Echo (31)
Dreamlogicc – …And Tom Grew
Clarity – Fractionate (Horizons)
Loxy & Resound – Sin City (Exit)
Hidden Agenda – Quiet Days (Dispatch)
Dreamlogicc – Variant
ASC – Landlocked (Samurai Horo)
The Drum – Over (Audraglint)