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Only For Robots 031 comes courtesy of BKNY’s, Octa Octa. I first discovered his work via his Let Me See You EP, and more specifically, the track Let Me See You. This is an all vinyl mix. Huge thanks to Mike for being generous with his work. We haven’t featured any house oriented mixes in this series, so it’s a great honor to kick off a different vibe with this.


Octo Octa is Michael Bouldry-Morrison, a Brooklyn-based house music producer. Following the release of his debut EP “Let Me See You” on 100% Silk in 2011 – a release described by label head Amanda Brown (LA Vampires) as “literally one of the favorite songs ever released on either of my record labels” – he went on to produce three further releases for the label: ʻRough, Rugged, and Raw,ʼ ʻOh Love,ʼ
and an eventual collaboration with Amanda Brown, the ʻLA Vampires by Octo Octaʼ release “Freedom 2K.” His singular brand of R&B-sampling deep and emotional house music has propelled him to the forefront of a scene of house-not-house producers garnering widespread critical acclaim in both traditional electronic music and indie-minded musical circles. Having recently been selected as a participant for the 2012 Red Bull Music Academy, a European tour scheduled for late 2012, and both a new EP and LP in the works, Octo Octaʼs ascent is imminent.

Octa Octa Soundcloud


Armando – Maximum Overdrive
Hercules – 7 Ways
909 – Got To Have It (Trans-Mix)
Filthy Rich – Take Control (Brand X Mix)
??? (white label, I used to know what it was)
Tuff City Kids – Bias
Sandwell District – Feed Forward Test Session – Recorded Live in Graz
Mike Dehnert – Teilfolge
SCB – Loss
Gerry Read – Yeh Come Dance