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Only For Robots 034 is a deep, generous showcase consisting of relentless Chicago rhythm. Obviously smart for the opportunity to share more information. Please listen, research, support, and celebrate the humbling cake challenge. Specifically, a beautiful afternoon all vinyl mix. This installment, courtesy of artist DJ M50, a live set of important sounds for those that don’t dance. Brilliant shit. a huge fantastic thanks as he really couldn’t be happier showcasing a spectrum of alternative options to techno. He and his crew of Chicago underground veterans belong to the future. Extremely good work. Enjoy.



skookum w/kazumi – knees (multipara version)
villalobos – tub
sascha rydell – cette nuit
ra.h & dynamo dreesen – spacepops (donato dozzy rework)
allen wright – sodium
lubin – monotuber
raw series – [untitled]
the third man – 2116
bad news – more bad news
echologist – connect
alex cortex – r-byte
alva noto – uni pro
lakker – 8 blip
dresvn – [untitled]
xdb – bakfom
convextion – miranda
gasp – brood
ulf lohmann – [untitled]
clark – skyward bruise / descent

M50 Soundcloud