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lodbrokAllow us to shift gears a bit with our latest OFR mix courtesy of Stockholm’s, Lodbrok. I first found out about Lodbrok via his Korridor Mix. Dug further, and discovered his Feukt Call EP released on Counter Pulse where you can find a remix from AnD. These are the types of sounds that compel us to continue seeking for what we feel is important music. Huge thanks to Lodbrok for participating.

No tracklist for this mix. There are a couple unreleased tracks from Lodbrok coming out on Gynoid Audio and Counter Pulse this spring. There’s also an upcoming track by another artist from a VA coming out on Krill Music very soon. This double LP will also feature a track by him.


Born in the subway underground of Stockholm at the Solna HQ members club and it’s Doom Service parties, Lodbrok developed into a broader understanding of the techno genre, making no difference between classical minimalist composition, french language philosophy, african tradition, queer art, or the punk scene when exploring the fundamental human concepts of movement and communication.

The 2012 Feukt Call EP on Counter Pulse was immediately recognized by the intellectually leaned dance scene and found its way to its main dancefloors all over the world, put in context by remixes from the likes of AnD, Henning Baer, Subjected and Chevel.

2013 sees several new Lodbrok releases as well as a live performance revolving around rhythms and soundscapes at the archaic roots of techno.


LODBROK Soundcloud