Only For Robots 032 (Station Blackout) – Jeff Pietro


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Jeff Pietro is a recording artist for Borrowed Language.


Tracklist :

Joey Beltram – Steps
Voices From The Lake – Circe
Demdike Stare – We Have Already Died
Newworldaquarium – The Force
Psi Performer – 1973
BFC – It’s A Shame
Emptyset- Gate 3
Andy Stott – Numb
Peter Van Hoesen – Into Entropy
Marcos Cabral – Tio Rico
Neuropolitique – Mind Mirror (edit)
X-103 – Minnia (The Queen’s Theme)
Mr. Fingers – Can You Feel It
Pilas – Burros (Kassem Mosse Remix)
Rhythim Is Rhythim – Beforethereafter



Only For Robots 031 – Octa Octa


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Only For Robots 031 comes courtesy of BKNY’s, Octa Octa. I first discovered his work via his Let Me See You EP, and more specifically, the track Let Me See You. This is an all vinyl mix. Huge thanks to Mike for being generous with his work. We haven’t featured any house oriented mixes in this series, so it’s a great honor to kick off a different vibe with this.


Octo Octa is Michael Bouldry-Morrison, a Brooklyn-based house music producer. Following the release of his debut EP “Let Me See You” on 100% Silk in 2011 – a release described by label head Amanda Brown (LA Vampires) as “literally one of the favorite songs ever released on either of my record labels” – he went on to produce three further releases for the label: ʻRough, Rugged, and Raw,ʼ ʻOh Love,ʼ
and an eventual collaboration with Amanda Brown, the ʻLA Vampires by Octo Octaʼ release “Freedom 2K.” His singular brand of R&B-sampling deep and emotional house music has propelled him to the forefront of a scene of house-not-house producers garnering widespread critical acclaim in both traditional electronic music and indie-minded musical circles. Having recently been selected as a participant for the 2012 Red Bull Music Academy, a European tour scheduled for late 2012, and both a new EP and LP in the works, Octo Octaʼs ascent is imminent.

Octa Octa Soundcloud


Armando – Maximum Overdrive
Hercules – 7 Ways
909 – Got To Have It (Trans-Mix)
Filthy Rich – Take Control (Brand X Mix)
??? (white label, I used to know what it was)
Tuff City Kids – Bias
Sandwell District – Feed Forward Test Session – Recorded Live in Graz
Mike Dehnert – Teilfolge
SCB – Loss
Gerry Read – Yeh Come Dance

Only For Robots 030 – Slowerson b2b DJ Lgcc


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This special two-part OFR mix comes to you by way of a lawn chair.

I first met Slowerson at DEMF in 2008, a week before moving to Chicago. I was solo, and so had brought a lounger to park myself by the river for much of that beautiful afternoon. At some point, rhythm took me for a dance, and when I later looked back over, Slowerson was putting his name to good use in the lounger. Obviously smart people. Rather generous too, as it turned out. He and his crew were most welcoming, and we partied together the rest of the weekend. The rest, as they say, belongs to the future.

This is the first time we’ve featured a two-part mix, and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate our 30th episode. The first section is mixed by Slowerson, and the second by DJ Lgcc, pivoting on Area’s Locked Groove (Kimochi). Been really looking forward to sharing this edition. Look out for several original Dreamlogicc productions in the second half. Brilliant shit.

These guys are both veterans of Chicago’s celebrated underground bastion/crew, Podval (along with Gera, M50, and Lokua). Slowerson runs the Chicago hub of RTS.FM, and works the good work at Gramaphone Records. He previously held a residency for Moment Sound, as well as ran a weekly radio spot on WNUR.

DJ Lgcc also hosted on WNUR, though he has since relocated to Oakland, where he runs the multimedia label, Main Drain Studios. DJ Lgcc spins mostly vinyl, often touching on techno, drum and bass, and abstract music in his eclectic sets. Producing and performing live as Dreamlogicc he is equally varied. This year Dreamlogicc had his first and second vinyl releases, with “The Podval EP” on Kimochi Sound and “Co-Conspirator EP” on CPKAY RCRDS. (The former turned up in the #3 spot for Tundra Dubs label head, Ben Versluis –

In short, you’re in for a serious treat.

Massive thank you to Slowerson and DJ Lgcc!



lubin : contact attempt #3 : kimochi
motor : 1 :
donate dozzy & say dj : tutto negativo : mental groove ltd
deadbeat : tesla : revolver
thomas brinkmann : untitled : max ernst 03
studio 1 : hellblau 3 : studio 1
midnight caller : third kind : elektro music department
schaeben & voss – untitled – kompakt 32
stevio : ty (deep mix) : mindtours
sleeparchive : research : sleeparchive
roman flugel : mutter : klang elektronik
j.hunsberger : kneecapped : revolver
berg offset : gretchen und das oszillophon : musik krause
dustin zahn : i feel : enemy
aubrey : vortex two : lifeworld
anton kubikov & maxim milutenko : structure : traum
m.schaffhauser – smith, wesson & me
area – locked groove #2 – kimochi

dj lgcc icon generic

Area – Locked Groove #2 (Kimochi)
Andy Stott – Expecting (Modern Love)
Steven Porter – Untitled III (Weevil Neighborhood)
Dreamlogicc – Questions (Tonatom)
Kryptic Minds – Breach (Osiris)
Moritz Von Oswald Trio – Patterns I (Honest Jons)
Dreamlogicc – Teachin’ Bout the Bass & the Bees
T++ – Anyi (Honest Jons)
Dhyan Moller – Frequency Interference (Drone-Muzic)
Dreamlogicc – Slums, P.S.
Echologist – Buzz Factory (Tempest Dub) (Echocord Colour)
Appleblim & Peverelist – Over Here (Skull Disco)
Doc Scott – Honey (Metalheadz)
Dreamlogicc – Owl-ular
Badawi – DstryPrfts (Shackleton remix ft. Vengeance Tenfold) (The Index)
Lando Kal – Time Out (Hotflush)
Indigo – Primal (On the Edge)
Pearson Sound – Underdog (Hessle Audio)
Logos – Atlanta ‘96 (Keysound)
Becoming Real – Jen’s Clock (Ramp)
Dreamlogicc – Arp ‘o Clock
Robert Hood – Assembly (Music Man)
Nether – Deep Echo (31)
Dreamlogicc – …And Tom Grew
Clarity – Fractionate (Horizons)
Loxy & Resound – Sin City (Exit)
Hidden Agenda – Quiet Days (Dispatch)
Dreamlogicc – Variant
ASC – Landlocked (Samurai Horo)
The Drum – Over (Audraglint)

My Picks for 2012 (Adam)


Here’s a list of releases I enjoyed this year. No particular order. Big thanks to all the producers, musicians, artists out there who continue to release quality material. You can click on the album title to hear a track from said album.

Theologian – Finding Comfort in Overwhelming Negativity [Handmade Birds]


Andy Stott – Luxury Problems [Modern Love]


Mutilation Rites – Empyrean [Prosthetic]


Locrian – The Clearing/The Final Epoch [Relapse]


Lone – Galaxy Garden [R&S]


Raime – Quarter Turns Over a Living Line [Blackest Ever Black]


Hal Floyd – Child, I Deem [Don’t Trust Humans]



Hal Floyd – Vision [Don’t Trust Humans]


Sun Airway – Soft Fall [Dead Oceans]

sun airway soft fall

Vatican Shadow – Ghosts of Chechnya [Hospital Productions]


Converge – All We Love We Leave Behind [Epitaph]



Julia Holster – Ekstasis [Rvng Intl]



Voices From The Lake – s/t [Prologue]



Ash Borer – Cold of Ages [Profound Lore]



Bosse-De-Nage – III [Profound Lore]



Peter Van Hoesen – Perceiver [Time To Express]



JK Flesh – Posthuman [3by3]



Silent Servant – Negative Fascination [Hospital Productions]



Actress – RIP [Honest Jon’s]



Shed – The Killer [50 Weapons]


Only For Robots 029 – Komprezzor


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photo (2)

We continue our string of Chicago Only For Robots mixes courtesy of Komprezzor. For those that don’t know, he was responsible for Only For Robots 019, where he delivered a relentless mix of techno. One of our favorites to date. So, a huge thanks to him for contributing once again. As good as the last mix was, I think this latest may take the cake between the two. Enjoy.

A few words from the man himself regarding the mix –

This mix was a way for me to get back to the basics and simply have fun playing music that influences my owns sounds. In the mix you will find people such as Submerge, Silentcorp, Truncate, Sintoma and many more. I try not to listen to what is popular out there, or what is in. I like to find and craft a mix using fresh hard to find tracks. The darker and dirtier, the better. On my first installment I did for DTH the mix was loaded with unreleased material from friends and other artists. This time I’m doing the same but adding quite a few already released tracks, and a few komprezzor soon to be released material. My forte is live performances, meaning I spend an immense amount of time in the studio stitching and creating sounds. I initiated my path to techno by djing 14 years ago and I love whenever I get a chance to throw a crazy 4 deck maschine set.  Anyhow I hope you enjoy it as much as I did crafting it, and remember Do NOT trust Humans!!

1 red decoder – Komprezzor
2 Bodega V1 – Truncate
3 The_Ritual_(Original_Mix)- Submerge
4 Promotion of Vice-MODZ
5 Naked Came the Stranger-Silentcorp
6 Keep Tempo (Original Mix)- A-hvich
7 Invocation (Original Mix) – Hefty & Dave Elyzium
8 Keller (Original Mix) – Jocksten
9 Dismantle_(Original_Mix)- Submerge
10 Fragment (Original Mix) – Jey NyFer
11 Force 5- Secret Artist
12 Extrakt 2.02 – Klein & Meister Edit Objekt3
13 Dreaming_in_Stereo – Dreek_Sol
14 Had Game (Sian’s Impossible Puzzle Remix) Markantonio
15 Beta_01-The_Plant_Worker_-_ (Luis_Flores_Remix)
16 Fiberboard (Acid Mix) – Sasha Carassi
17 3 (Nik Feral’s Awakenings Remix) Ovi M
18 Berlin Drone -Ascion’s Through The Shadows Remix
19 Cloner (Original Mix) Exium
20 Dec 12 // Original Mix Ricardo Garduno
21 In The Caverns Of My Mind (Original Mix) – mUSER
22 Nomad [Tommy Four Seven Remix] Alexey Volkov
23 Exkalation- Komprezzor
24 Prepared for war- Komprezzor

Komprezzor Soundcloud


Only For Robots 028 – Merrick Brown


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As you may already know, we are currently featuring a string of Chicago artists that  we feel are important sounds in this city. So, for our 28th edition of our Only For Robots Mix series, we welcome Merrick Brown.


At age 35, Merrick Brown has been living and breathing techno for half his life. His record label, Tektite, was around for 12 vinyl only releases, the last of which came out in 2001. Artists like Villalobos, Convextion, Fred Giannelli, and Stewart Walker earned the label a cult following in Germany and Japan. 

Merrick’s priorities shifted with fatherhood, and a move to Chicago 5 years ago. He has come full circle with a new vision and new inspiration. His time in Chicago has been a slow organic rise, which taught him patience in the studio, as a dj, and as a father. His first love is now family, but his love for music is obvious if you’ve ever spoken to him, or heard one of his sets. Plans towards relaunching his label are inching forward. Until then, he is providing us with some music to get us through the apocalypse.

You can catch Merrick Brown at the next Refract party at Primary (Chicago), which will feature DetroitRockScience and Ike Release on 12/21.

Resident Advisor



Intro: Flying Saucer Sequence/Plaid - 3 Recurring
1. STL - Inverted Reality
2. Redshape - Paper
3. Gerry Read - Bozza
4. Zomby - Riding with Death
5. Bon & Rau - Morning Funk
6. Bass Clef - Walworth Road Acid Trapdoor
7. A1 Bassline - Copper
8. OCH - Whalesong
9. Jordan Fields - Box Beater
10. Steve Summers - In the Mood for Love
11. Gherkin Jerks - Acid Indigestion
12. Wyndell Long - Headgames
13. Reeko - Untitled
14. Surgeon - As You Breathe Here Now
15. Sigha - Politics of Dying (James Ruskin Remix)
16. Kelpe - Bags Of Time (Neon Jung Wormhole remix)
17. Woo York - Void (Truncate remix)
18. Innerspace Halflife ?– Wind 
19. Analogue Man - Rake
20. Alex Cortex - Mem
21. Max Ernst - Trixi



Only For Robots 027 – Qbot


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Don’t Trust Humans was born in Chicago. The incredible talent and heritage of this city is humbling and inspiring, and we are proud to serve as an interface between the local and global. As this project continues to grow, so do our roots.

This is the first installment in a series of mixes celebrating those roots. We’ve asked some of our favorite local heroes to contribute to the series, and couldn’t be happier to share their mixes.

Qbot has been a remarkable techno crusader in Chicagoland, and an extraordinary friend and ally to DTH.

Dig in.


Built in a lab on JupiterRobot DJ Qbot v.26.2 was sent here to help spread robotic music to all of Earth. She broadcasts beats along with her favorite DJs from theWLUW studios to the whole planet every Monday night on Destination Unknown. She can also be found monthly at Moment Sound‘s Heartbeats multimedia events, as part of the Pandemic crew, and a lot of other places. When outside the booth, she’s likely to be found dancing at the left front speaker. 


Dan Oberbauer : Metal Atmosphere
Federico Sahne: Epistemology [Peder Scientific Rebuild]| Reaktivate
Cassegrain: Luban | Prologue
Guidewire: Ressurection [Brian Knarfield remix] | Android Musiq
Mark Morris: The History of a Robot [Go Hiyama remix] | Ketra
Monoloc: Try | CLR
Cabarete Groove: Tourette’s Syndrome [Cabarete’s 2.4 rework] | Silent Steps
Pinion: Mirv7 | Perc Trax
Andres Gil: Pizzicato | Slap Jaxx
Roman Lindau: Borne | Ann Aimee
Mays + Eigenes Rezept: Pena | Blind Spot
Joseph McGeechan: Failed by the Conformists | Prosthetic Pressings
Forward Strategy Group: Labour Division | Perc Trax
Tommy Four Seven: Armed 3 | CLR
Daegon: m45 [Rene Walther remix] | Android Muziq
Gedevann: People Attractor | Lead Square
Orphx: Appartition | Sonic Groove
Go Hiyama: Farnsworth House | Token
Unbalance: Unbalance 3.1 | Unbalance
Romanolito: Asstone [Lance Blaise’s reinterpretation] | Android Muziq
Patrick Krieger: Symbolism [Sawf remix] | Gynoid Audio
Par Grindvik; Sinister [S100 remix] | Sinister
Bas Mooy: Warsaw [Walker FSG remix] | Audio Assault
Dead Sound: Unknown | Labyrinth
Unab Zetineb: Takisso Remu | Labyrinth
Surgeon: The Power of Doubt | Dynamic Tension
Chris Page: Derailleur [Rebekah remix] | Affin
Gabeen: Sculptio | Plastiq
Polyfuse: Laconic |


Only For Robots 026 – Neil Landstrumm live in St. Petersburg


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Only For Robots 026 comes courtesy of Neil Landstrumm. Neil was extremely generous by giving us a live set he did in St. Petersburg. Don’t Trust Humans prides itself on variety, and we’ve done our best to showcase different ends of the spectrum. Through showcasing alternative options to listeners, we’ve been grateful for the opportunity to share talent like Neil’s with you all. He really doesn’t need an introduction, so I’m going to end this. Please listen, research, support, and challenge your mind with music.


A fixture of the UK electronic music scene since 1994 Neil Landstrumm has released work on many of the most recognised labels in the industry. Starting with Peacefrog, shifting gears to Berlins’ Tresor Records he then upped the bass-game onto arguably the UKs’ greatest electronic label of the moment, Planet Mu.
Landstrumm’s LP’s on Planet Mu hijack varies influences from techno, dubstep, garage and breaks as well as vintage 90s rave and Sheffield sounds. He is an artist who always seems to be at the spearhead of experimental, dancehall low-frequency electronics with his Scandinavia label signature. A pioneer of new styles
within techno, often copied and imitated Landstrumm has carved a long career within the electronic scene.

-Scandinavia Graphics
-Scandinavia Wear
-Scandinavia Records


Only For Robots 025 [Just Brains] – Debbie (live @ Primary)


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Resident artist, Debbie, is back for our 25th edition of Only For Robots. This mix was recorded live at our Don’t Trust Humans 2 Year Anniversary Party on October 11th at Primary Night Club. We had a fantastic evening filled with techno front to back, which featured a live set from Chicago artist, Lokua, and a relentless closing set from Destination Unknown’s, Qbot. Please check out the links provided below for more information on all artists.

words from Debbie –

Massive thank you to everyone who came out! Particular gratitude to qbot and Lokua for making this event possible, and delivering absolute speakerbox justice, and to my fellow brobots – Adam Rattoe, Hal Floyd, Pablo Duarte, and all associated allies – whose inspiration and support are at the heart of this project.
Debbie on soundcloud


Only For Robots 024 – Andrea La Bombarda


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For our 24th edition of the Only For Robots mix series, we welcome Italy’s, Andrea La Bombarda. Andrea has put together a deep journey consisting of a half hour of his live work, followed by a mix. We can’t thank Andrea enough for being so kind, and generous with his music.

Bio –

Andrea La Bombarda, born in 1987, is a young Italian Producer from Bari. Since childhood, he cultivated a serious attitude towards electronic music. In 2010 he graduated by SAE International Institute of Milan with qualifications in technical djing (analog and digital). He is inspired by a blend of sounds heard in dark minimalist techno whose melody gives way to repetition. Andrea La Bombarda has been making live set/tracks with samples of ambient sounds modified by software in order to give a custom imprint to his work.


0:00 – 33:00 Andrea La Bombarda – Live Session

The Noisemaker – Impulse (Original mix)
Walker & Kennedy – Parity Function (Original mix)
Dino Sabatini – Modulation A (Original mix)
S 100 – Intern (Original mix)
Dubit & Alhek – Persevere (Original mix)
Francesco Pierguidi – Analogia (KC1 remix)
Deepbass – Orion (Original mix)
Giorgio Gigli & Obtane – Complementary System (Brando Lupi remix)


andrea on mixcloud
andrea on soundcloud